About Medispo Brand

Introduced By Guilin HBM Protections

Medispo is a brand of Guilin HBM Sanitary Protections, produces medical goods such as condoms, several types of gloves for medical and domestic usage, and other medical devices needed for protection. Our contemporary and garden-style facility is located on 15 acres in the Guilin Economic Development Zone. The production is divided into three stages. Already in production are 20 medical glove lines, four condom lines, and 1,000 workers; the third phase plans to add 25 medical glove lines, 35 medical examination glove lines, and five military glove lines.

Medispo have ISO13485 quality system system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, EU CE certification, and US FDA certification, and we are now requesting WHO accreditation and SABS certification from South Africa. Due to our constant innovation and surpassing in the production of latex materials, graphene materials, polyurethane materials, and a range of new materials, we have become one of the primary drafters of the HG/T5456-2018 polyurethane condom standard.

Medispo has opted to go digital in order to keep up with the current e-commerce trends. Now you may buy medical supplies online with a simple click from the comfort of your own home. The safety equipment will be supplied to your residence. We guarantee that the medical devices you receive are of the highest quality. We place a high value on client happiness.

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Medispo listen to our customers' feedback and focus on market research.

Medispo have a team of marketing professionals that focus on sales of protection instruments.
The medical instruments produced are tested by R&D Department

Along with the manufacturing we also do outsourcing and do quality control.

Guilin HBM Health Protection Co., Ltd. (Chinese abbreviation: Guilin HBM Sanitary Protections, Inc, English full name: Guilin HBM Health Protections, Inc., HBM Protections, HBM for short) is located in Guilin Economic Development Zone. The modern garden-style factory strictly complies with GMP corporate standards. It is constructed with a total area of 330 acres and an investment of over 500 million yuan. The construction is divided into three phases. At present, 20 medical glove lines, 4 condom lines, and 1,000 employees have been put into production; the third phase plans to build 25 medical glove production lines, 35 medical examination glove production lines, and 5 military glove production lines; After the production line is completed, the annual output value of Guilin HBM Sanitary Protections, Inc will reach 500 million US dollars. So as to achieve the goal of No. 1 and No. 3 in the world in the field of surgical gloves.

Guilin HBM Sanitary Protections, Inc will integrate resources from all parties, make honest products, better quality, and craftsmanship, and constantly strive to promote the development of the company toward the world's first-class direction, and co-exist and prosper with the society!