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About Guilin HBM Sanitary Protections

HBM Protections introduced a brand to manufacture medical items, including condoms, various types of gloves for medical and household use, and other medical instruments that are used for protection purposes. Our modern and garden style factory is located in Guilin Economic Development Zone, which is spread out over 15 acres. There are three stages to the production. 20 medical glove lines, four condom lines, and 1,000 workers are already in production; the third phase intends to add 25 medical glove lines, 35 medical examination glove lines, and five military glove lines.

We have received ISO13485 quality system system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, EU CE certification, US FDA certification, and are currently applying for WHO accreditation from the World Health Organization and SABS certification from South Africa. We have become one of the major drafters of the HG/T5456-2018 polyurethane condom standard due to our continuous innovation and exceeding in the creation of latex materials, graphene materials, polyurethane materials, and a range of novel materials.

Due to the latest growing trends of e-commerce,Medispo have now decided to go digital. Now you can buy medical items online through our website, by just sitting at your home with a single click. The protection instruments will be delivered at your home. We ensure that the medical instruments that you will receive will be of best quality. As customer satisfaction is our first priority.

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Medispo® Advanced face masks kills 99.88% of COVID-19.
The Asia-renowned Wuhan Institute of Virology (Chinese Academy of Sciences), a leading global virus testing laboratory, has proven Medispo®.

Medis' ``anti-viral medical masks'' won the world's leading patent
Medis anti-viral medical masks are the result of the joint development of Hengbao Protection and GS of the United States.

Netease report: Guilin Hengbao is in action in the defense of Wuhan
In Guilin on January 23, the Spring Festival transport logistics has been suspended, but a vehicle full of medical supplies drove to Wuhan in the dark.

Biller condoms are given for free, and Chinese universities are no longer ashamed to answer
As the leading brand of sex condoms in China, Bilal is the pioneer of sex condoms in China. At the same time, its original intention is to make people who do not want to wear condoms, because they have more obvious sex, are willing to wear condoms.

Women's suits? 3000 sets of women's sets Guangxi's "anti-drug and anti-AIDS" activities are all empty
In December 2018, during the "Anti-drug and AIDS prevention" event held in Guangxi, Guilin Hengbao Health Protection Co., Ltd. sponsored 100,000 Bilile male condoms to the Guangxi Renzhe Social Welfare Organization for free distribution, and sponsored the non-profit organization in Guilin Central Square Carry out large-scale anti-AIDS propaganda.